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Experts in Video Game Localization & Transcreation

The cultural touch you

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What we do

Haznac Translation localizes your video game, transcreates your marketing material in other languages, and translates your documents in various fields using the latest software tools and the best human resources.

Just like there are many ways to say something, the same material can be translated in many different ways (and that difference is not necessarily always a good thing). That is why the translation service is not really a commodity, and it greatly matters who carries out your work.

Our Services, Your Value


At Haznac Translation, we assign the very best human resources to your project, manage your project in every step of the way in close contact with you, ensure the goals are reached, and deliver you the final product. After all is done, we continue to be there for you and fix anything that is not to your satisfaction.

All of this is achieved using industry-standard localization and QA tools, along with an online translation management system, which provides you with a dedicated web portal. This enables you to monitor the project(s), be in the know, manage your communication with us and see previous projects at a glance.

Join our team
for a fulfilling experience

You are an engineer. Your building blocks are words. Your product is perception for other people on which they base their ideas. You are invaluable, and you freaking love what you do.  If this describes how you feel about yourself, drop us a line by filling out the form here.

Who is Haznac Translation?

Haznac Translation has been in business since 2012. We provide translation services to some of the world's biggest organizations in their respective fields. We operate from two locations, Ontario, Canada and Izmir, Turkey, so we work around the clock.

Your peace of mind has the utmost importance for us. Our dedicated team will be in close touch with you before, during and after a project so that we know everything is clear to you and that you are happy. We know how stressful it can be to embark on a localization project, and we are here to take the stress out of that equation.


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